Things to do in wonderful Toronto!

  1. Wonderland, is the perfect place to spend a hot summer day with family and friends! There are hundreds or attractions and rides for thrill seekers as well as a water park for visitors to cool off at. My favourite thing about wonderland is the funnel cakes! A trip to wonderland simply just isn’t complete without having a funnel cake with strawberries, ice cream, and icing sugar! There are also many other delicious food stops and vendors for you to try out. There’s also a 3D theatre and a live concert area where artists come to perform.canadas_wonderland_2a_179
  2. The Toronto Zoo is one of the premier attraction for visitors in Toronto. It is spread over over 700 acres (283 hectares) of fascinating biodiversity.
  3. The C.N Tower is another must place to visit in Toronto. You cam enjoy a fine meal at the 360 restaurant, while being 553 metres above ground.
  4. Eaton Centre is one the biggest malls in Ontario with a retail space of about 1,566,093. With 350 shops, who said you can’t find the perfect shoes?
  5. Toronto Islands are a series of islands present just offshore from the centre of the city. More than 2 million people visit these islands every year. Activities include bike riding, petting zoo, tanning on the beach, carnivals, food vendors, and much more!Centre-Island-Sunset-by-Fikret-Onal

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